Mario & Julie // Wilderness engagement in Yosemite

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Wilderness engagement in Yosemite National Park


HOW HE ASKED // FROM THE BRIDE //  I was on my way up to the observatory to watch a show at the planetarium. According to me I was there helping a friend get extra credit for school and I was promised a michelada and kbbq after the show. Mario had gone out with his best friend that day, and since my friend drove us to LA I let Mario take my car. On my way up I ran into my cousin (which I thought was weird but didn’t think anything of it) and I asked what he was doing there. He said he was meeting up with his friends. After talking for a minute we parted ways and I started to comment to my friend how he observatory is a really popular spot and I wasn’t surprised to run into him. As we were waiting for the bathroom (because I have a teeny tiny bladder) I happen to see Mario’s brother and his girlfriend. I got really excited to see them one last time before they went back home to Merced. I started to think how strange it was that I’d run into more people I know. I started asking why they were there and the answer was “we were so amazed by Interstellar that we just wanted to stop by” I had watched the movie as well so I figured “aaaaha that makes total sense”. As we were walking they began to slow down and well I was in a hurry trying to catch a show so I said my good byes and we took off (speed walking), my eyes were dead on the door I really wanted to make it to the last show. As I’m walking toward the entrance I feel someone grab my hand and to my extreme surprise it was Mario! I was beyond confused and when I saw tears in his eyes I began to get scared (my car? Chris?). I wasn’t understanding what was going on and I kept asking him but he was so emotional he couldn’t talk. So I keep asking him “Mario are you ok?” He nods yes and drops down on his knee. I remember looking around, where did my friend go? And then I see a huge crowd of people (family and friends) and everything starts to make sense. He tells me how much he loves me, I start to get nervous, happy, excited and shocked all at the same time. It was such a rush of emotions I thought I was dreaming. Of course I said yes. It was one of the most confusing day of my life! I had been fooled for almost an entire week, and everyone knew except me. I’m happy I didn’t spoil the surprise because there were tons of clues but I somehow managed to miss them (or find justification) for all of them. I know I’m so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life.

HOW HE ASKED // FROM THE GROOM //  I had been planning the proposal for close to a month. I had already told all of our friends and family about the details of the proposal and I felt very excited about it all. I wanted to plan out the perfect proposal and wanted it to be complete surprise for her. I managed to get everyone in on it and even had her friend Jessica make an excuse to hang out so that she wouldn’t catch on to the master plan. My friends Danny and Chris met me at my house and we drove up to the observatory. The original plan was for everyone to meet at the observatory at five, but when I got to the observatory there was a really long line. I had to park the car about half a mile away from the observatory but besides all this I still felt calm. I met up with all of our family and friends and explained to them the plan for the proposal. After waiting for about 20 minutes her friend Jessica text me to let me know that they were there, I informed everyone and began to feel a little nervous but I still felt fine. After waiting for another 20 minutes I saw Julie walking down the walkway up to the observatory and I turned around so she wouldn’t see me and patiently waited for her to get closer. Once I heard her voice I grabbed her arm, it was at that moment that I began to feel very emotional about the whole thing. I had a whole speech planned out but I felt so overwhelmed with emotions I couldn’t get all my words out. I told her that I loved her and then I got down one one knee, I remember seeing her face filled with so much excitement and as she began to get watery eyed all of our family and friends came out from hiding. I have to admit that the rush of emotions i felt at the time of proposal definitely comes from the overwhelming feelings i have for Julie. I am very blessed and fortunate to soon call her my wife.

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  • Sandra PleitezOctober 13, 2015 - 5:55 am

    Every time I read this amazing proposal I start crying it is beautiful
    I I wish you the very best you both are in my prayers every day congratulation and may God bless this beautiful Union.