John & Amy // Sunshine Engagement in Palos Verdes

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Sunshine Engagement in Palos Verdes 

how-he-asked-torrance-wedding-photography1FROM THE BRIDE // John and I had been together for so long that getting married seemed to only be something we talked about.  I was unsure when it would actually happen since we were so young when we first started dating. Every anniversary John and I would enjoy a nice dinner together.  Whether it was going out to a nice restaurant, or cooking something nice and new at home.  Dinner has always been our time we cherish.  He loves cooking, I love eating, and it’s just our time together. After a long day at work we enjoy talking, laughing, and eating.  Christmas day had passed (our 8 year anniversary together) and we had been so busy with Christmas, new years, and work that we didn’t have time to do a special dinner together.  He told me he owed me a dinner…..and that was it.

Come March 29th, 2014 (almost 4 months later! haha), I get home from a long Saturday at work and walk in the house. There’s a sign on the door that says “Happy (Very late!) Anniversary!” I giggle to myself and walk in the house thinking nothing of it, as John tends to run late and procrastinate with many things.  I notice he moved the furniture around in the house!!! (This has always been my thing that I love to do, but he can’t stand every time I want to do it again.)  What a refreshing energy feeling it gives me! I walk in with a big smile to my new home.

The table is set beautifully! All my favorite colors, candles, and a photo of us together in Aspen (which at the time was a clue that I didn’t catch. In 7th grade far far before we dated we always said that we would get married at age 30 in Aspen if we both were still single.)  He had our favorite wine and a cheese plate with 5 different cheesesJ Even the bathroom had candles lit with my favorite colors everywhereJ Purple, teal, and yellow with purple cauliflower mashed potatoes with a filet on top!!! Delicious!!!

Quickly after we finished dinner he asked me if I was ready for dessert. I was a bit irritated and bratty since I wanted to enjoy some time together and not be rushed into dessert when I was still full, but he insisted we do it.  He asked me to close my eyes. I did, and was so confused being that John NEVER makes dessert. Unless it’s going to get frozen yogurt. I then open my eyes, and in front of me are two of my stuffed animal manatees (my favorite animal EVER, one little baby on top of the other). I was so confused and so much went through my head from “I cant eat that” to “those are manatees” to “wait those are my manatees” to…finally realizing he’s on his knee asking me to marry him and that the manatee had a ring on his little flipper. I AM IN SHOCK! I literally stop, look at John, and say “WHAT?!” He had to ask me again! And of course I said YES!!!!!!!! I love my story my heart smiles.