Jessica & Arland | Glitter and Love | Palos Verdes Engagement Photographer


It was a beautiful afternoon in June. We had just got back from church and had a picnic lunch planned in the park. After we finished our food, we began to reminisce on all of our “firsts”. Arland listed off how he asked me to be his girlfriend and our first kiss. We began to laugh as we remembered how awkward those moments were. Even though they weren’t “perfect”, they were perfect moments for us because they are part of our story. Arland continued to list off all of our special moments ending with, “and then remember the time I proposed to you in the park?” I was a little confused because this had never happened. He then pulled out the ring and I realized what was going on. I think I asked him “Is this for real?” about a hundred times because I thought he was playing a joke on me. I, of course, said gladly yes and we spent the rest of the day sharing the exciting new with friends and family.


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