Jan-Michael & Jennifer // A dreamy southern California engagement

A dreamy Southern California engagement // © 2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles engagement photographer

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HOW HE ASKED // A week before Valentine’s Day 2015, Jan-Michael decided that we should take a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas and pick up his tax paper from his previous job. He had lived there for a good 1.5 years before deciding to move back home in California. We left on Friday night right after work and didn’t arrive till 2am. Not feeling tired from the drive, we decided to hit up some casinos and gamble/drink for a bit. After being there for a good 2 hours, we decided to head back home and call it a night. When we arrived, freshened up, lights off and ready for bed, Jan-Michael had this BRILLIANT idea about wanting to discuss our future together. Tired and cranky, I asked him if we could just talk about it over breakfast the next day. Being a persistent guy he is, he wanted to discuss it that night. I finally gave in, and we ended up talking about our future together. In the end, he asked, “If I asked you to marry me, will you say yes?” Jokingly, I told him, “No, only because I don’t see a ring.” He then said, “Well, what if I do have the ring?” I replied, “No you don’t, so let’s just all go to sleep.” After debating about it for a good 5 minutes, I hear him shuffling some stuff around as he opened his drawers and said, “BAM!!” I laughed and told him, “lights are still off, so I am going to assume it’s only a box you just opened.” He got out of the bed, turned on the light and popped the question. Surprised and shocked, I said, “YES, OF COURSE!!!” The rest of the night, all I could do was just stare at the ring and admire it – I was no longer tired.

With only a few months away till we say “I do”, I cannot wait to celebrate our day with our closest family and friends who have supported us through it all for 8.5 years. Most importantly, I cannot wait till I get to call him “my husband” and spend the rest of my life with him!