Garrett & Deanne // Magical Malibu engagement session

Magical Malibu engagement session // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Malibu wedding and engagement photographers

On October 8 of last year, he wanted me to roll out of bed. It was 7am. He said we should walk our dog Jimmy to the park before the USC Football game we had planned to go to that afternoon. Without any makeup and in my scrubby clothes I got in the car, I was honestly not in the best mood. Why could not we just walk him outside around the block? We got to Arlington Garden in Pasadena, this park is literally a 15 minute walk. If you know Garrett, you will know he is not a chatty Cathy, but he was chatting up a storm. We were done walking the park in a couple of minutes and I said, “Ok, shall we go to the neighborhoods and keep walking?” “Umm, no let’s make another round”—he answered. I thought nothing of it. It was a very nice garden without one person there since it was so early. It was a very warm morning but Garrett was wearing his Fall jean jacket. This garden was the very first place we ever took Jimmy for a walk—I remembered how he frolicked through the bumpy moss and how he loved jumping off every little ledge.

Before I knew it we were back at the entrance so I just started walking towards the street. I turned around and Garrett was slowing down and I heard him softly say, “…hey”.  “What are you doing?” I said kind of irritated. In slow motion I saw him reach into his jacket and pull out a small black box. At this point I started backing away from him and yelled—“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?!!” He walked towards me and blocked me from walking further toward the street. He knelt down and said the words I had been waiting for him to say for almost 5 years. Oddly enough I was in so much shock, no tears were shed and the day went on normally—except that I had the most beautiful shiny thing on my finger.

Countless hours of wedding planning later, we are now contemplating if this was a good decision. Just kidding. We made it through our engagement shoot and by the time we got to the beach, we (Garrett) were really cold but I think the sacrifice of the day was well worth it. Shout out to my brother Dann for helping handle Jimmy who was absolutely having none of it. We are really looking forward to our wedding day and seeing our closest family and friends! Thank you Tiffani for these amazing photos you took of us. We cannot wait to see our wedding photos already!