Chris & Molly // Southern California Coast engagement

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County. FROM THE GROOM //  We had been together for just over 5 years when I proposed.  Progressing from dating, to living together, to moving to a new home together, to talking about the future together.  There seemed to be so many moving pieces which we kept waiting to fall into place so that we could move forward.  Together.  Finally, one Wednesday evening in October, as we were discussing what we wanted our lives to look like, it occurred to me that there was never going to be a “perfect” time.  This was the perfect time.  I wanted to make a big, grand gesture in a romantic spot on top of a mountain, but I just couldn’t wait any longer and dropped to my knee in the living room.  It took a few seconds for it to sink in before Molly said yes, but it was worth the wait.
We are having fun planning our wedding and we are looking forward to the festivities of our big day, followed by the rest of our lives.