Adrian & Shanna // Rustic Los Angeles engagement

©Sun & Sparrow Photography //  Rustic Los Angeles engagement

FROM THE GROOM // Shanna and I have always traveled so well together. It occurred so naturally early on in our relationship. First, with a small trip to Lake Arrowhead, followed a few months later by a trip to NYC and then ultimately “THE” trip to Southeast Asia. When I say “THE”,  it was THE trip that solidified in my mind that she was the one.
Backpacking Southeast Asia will make or break any relationship. When you spend every minute of every day together, in often uncomfortable and strenuous conditions, in a 3rd world country no less, you really dig deep into the intricacies of your relationship. You begin to really know your partner. You get to know them ways you wouldn’t at home. And in the end I was just so amazed and so in love with everything about us and our relationship. I knew with all  my heart that she was my life partner.
Fast forward 2 months for the proposal. We took a trip to San Francisco, Valentines day weekend. Immediately you would think “aww what a great romantic day” to do it. But if you know Shanna, you know she would laugh at me if I proposed on such a cliche holiday. I of course knew this and in a lot of ways sort of disguised the proposal behind Valentines day. She knew I would never do such a thing on that day. So of course she never expected it. We enjoyed the rest of the weekend, sightseeing, dining, and exploring. Of course we would also see countless people getting engaged at all the typical places, surrounded by crowds, strangers, tourist busses, as if it were a show. Not Shanna’s cup of tea.
On our final day in the city (a few days AFTER Valentines day), I took Shanna away from the tourist traps, the crowds, the Valentines day madness and found a secluded spot in Tiburon. A spot that just the 2 of us would enjoy. No one else around because in the end it is our moment. Not a moment for strangers or tourists or because of some holiday.  On a bluff, under a huge oak tree with a swing, overlooking the entire bay with the city skyline in the distance, I asked her to be my wife. This February starts our life time adventure as husband and wife.