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Matt & Neda // Los Angeles Wedding videographer

Los Angeles Wedding videographer // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow

I had been told multiple times throughout the wedding planning process that I was a “hands-on” bride. Even having a wedding planner and a team of professionals to work with, I loved being a big part of every wedding detail and decision We wanted our wedding to feel like us – under the Santa Barbara sun where we met and fell in love and surrounded by our favorite people. After booking our dream venue at The Biltmore and starting to pick the vendors, I knew I wanted to keep with the Biltmore’s California cool vibe. We were drawn to simple clean lines and classic white with a contemporary twist. We wanted our family and friends to fall in love with our city and kept that in mind with the details, including using some of our favorite Santa Barbara landmarks for the table names.

One of our favorite moments from that day was right after the ceremony. My husband and I went for a little walk on the beach before joining our guests for cocktail hour. We were overwhelmed with happiness and wanted to enjoy a few quiet moments together before we joined the party. We were very grateful to have a gifted photographer, Aurelia, and videographers, Aaron and Winston from Sun & Sparrow, to capture those moments and emotions for us. They gave us the greatest gift of all allowing us to re-live that day over and over through pictures and video.

Brian & Tiffany // Etherial Palos Verdes wedding

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.FROM THE BRIDE // My wedding was one that I have always envisioned it to be.  Everything materialized just the way I wanted.  It was one of the most exciting event in my life and, you know, how they say that it is every little girl’s dream to wear a long white flowing beautiful wedding gown, holding a beautiful bouquet, walking down the aisles and a handsome smiling groom (Prince Charming) waiting at the altar, beautiful church and surrounded by loved ones and friends. I can say that my wedding was a success!  I felt like a princess and it was a dream come true!  It was perfect!  Could not ask for anything more. 

My favorite part of the event was walking down the aisles to meet my groom, being married to my best friend and the person who genuinely cares for me and who I care for.   It was very exciting to see all my loved ones and friends coming from near and far to be there at the wedding, seeing their smiling faces and wishing me and my husband all good wishes.  The walking down the aisles was truly memorable to me because I had my dad walking with me, looking so sharp in his tuxedo and giving his full blessing to me and my husband.  It was more of a feeling inside me that is somehow difficult to describe – the realization and excitement of having my own family other than my immediate family like my parents and siblings – but at the same time be united with someone who I know truly loves me and most importantly, being married in a church where I felt God’s presence and warm blessings.  These feelings are remarkably unique that is beyond words to describe.

I have always wanted a wedding where the center of attention will be focused not only on the bride and groom but the beautiful flowers that will be everywhere, from the bouquets, the corsages and boutonnières to the church decoration, reception decoration the same floral theme echoed in the invitations, photo booth and table arrangements.  I have gone through some wedding magazines in the past and have picked up ideas here and there but I had my own signature stamps on these as I envisioned flowers and floral arrangements with a variety of huge garden roses, peonies, dahlias in a variety of colors were the highlights.  I was so glad and fortunate that my mom and I found the exact flowers that we wanted at the flower mart on the day that we came to buy them. By the way, we made multiple visits to the flower mart months before the wedding and made friends with the vendors who gave us good values for the flowers we wanted. I guess it also helped the fact that I am an artist and surrounded with a family of artists who I consulted and got ideas from.  I wanted that part of my wedding to be unique and I think I was successful in that regard.

To me the best and important part about planning my wedding was having the right photographers to memorialize each and every step and every part of this memorable event.  I had been so fortunate to have chosen Sun and Sparrow as my photographers.  After looking at several vendors and the quality and type of work that they produced I narrowed my choice to these awesome group of ladies.  They were responsive to all my requests and they actually had the unique ability to predict ahead of time what I wanted them to do as they do not need a lot of explanation on what I envisioned the photographs to be.  We were just in the same wave lengths as them or maybe because they were just talented and artistic plus very perceptive to the wishes of the bride.  I have to be honest that planning a wedding is not easy especially because I chose not to have a wedding planner because I just wanted to make sure that I will have a first-hand say on each aspect of the wedding and wantedeverything to be perfect.  It helped to have the right people to help out with the details but to me the photographers were the most crucial part because if a person is to memorialize all the hard work, expense and details only the best photographers have the capability to do that.

My primary advice will be having the right people to help you plan your wedding such as immediate loved ones who know your likes and dislikes and who truly care for you — not because of the money you pay them to do the job. Additionally, planning a wedding is a task that cannot be done by one person even if a bride has a good wedding planner.  There are still so many details that need to be looked at.  Someone, not necessarily the bride, should make a grid that shows progress of planning, contact people, expense involved, source of funding, oversees a variety of tasks from start to finish.  Without this grid and progress reports a bunch of important details will be forgotten or missed out.  Have a variety of options just in case one plan does not work especially if there are other options that are similar to choose from.  Pay attention to timelines because before you know it the wedding date is just around the corner.  Always good to have more than less on anything but also pay attention to your budget.  Be smart in finding out if there are certain aspects of the wedding that you can do yourself and not pay big bucks, such as making table signs and having these printed at CostCo instead of paying printing services companies big bucksBe resourceful and do not be afraid to use the internet for help on anything related to the wedding.  You never know what could be useful and helpful. Assign people to help you especially if they are willing to volunteer but make sure you provide extra details about how you want things done.  Do not say no to freebies.   Family members or even guests will volunteer a photo booth or a beautiful limo as gifts instead of the usual registry presents you and your groom are encouraging people to register.  These “freebies” / presents turn out to be hits instead of the frying pans and bed sheets that you wished people will give you.  My husband and I accepted these and we’re happy we did.  Be flexible because not everything that you plan for will not happen as you cannot force certain individuals to do what you wish them to do all the time.  Compromise because an unhappy and resentful bride will create an ugly and grumpy one who will not look good in pictures.  I believe all the nitty gritty details will be forgotten including the stress associated with the planning but the pictures will stay forever so always have apositive attitude and disposition because whether you like it or not pictures will pick up everything.  

Ceremony: St. John Fisher Catholic Church
Reception: Palos Verdes Golf Club
Flowers: Mother of the Bride and Mitsuko Floral
Videography: White Studio Media Project
DJ: Vox DJs
Hair & Makeup: Rena Maeda – Bright Crystal Wedding
Dress: Bride – Reem Acra
Bridesmaids – Alfred Angelo
Groom and groomsmen – Men’s Wearhouse
Cake: Torrance Bakery


Jimmy & Jennifer // Romantically Rustic engagement in Palos Verdes


©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography & Videography // Photo & Film // Romantically Rustic engagement in Palos Verdes

FROM THE BRIDE // After spending nearly 10 years together, Jimmy proposed on our 7th anniversary. Jimmy made reservations to one of my favorite restaurants in Orange County. The restaurant location in my hometown New Orleans, actually has many family memories for me, so it was the perfect place for us to make a new one. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was surprised to see some familiar faces at the bar area. It was Jimmy’s cousins and two closest friends. It was totally unexpected, but I didn’t think much of it. We all ended up having dinner together. Towards the end of the evening, Jimmy asked me to be his example of his “Best Sales Pitch Ever.” He asked for my credit card and to close my eyes while he wrote something on paper. Little did I know…when I opened my eyes, I found Jimmy on one knee with the most beautiful ring. The paper said “Jennifer, this is my best sales pitch ever…Will you marry me?” When it comes to surprises, Jimmy is horrible and almost always caves in. This time he was able to keep his proposal plan a secret for over 6 weeks! Iwas so shocked and happy, I couldn’t stop grinning and bawled my eyes out! Of course I told him YES! And this was all filmed and facilitated by Jimmy’s cousins and friends! We celebrated this special moment with champagne and dessert. This is definitely one of the best ‘purchase’ I’ve ever made! I am counting down the days until I get to say ‘I do’ to my best friend, gym partner, and other half. I can’t wait for our families to meet for the first time at our wedding and to start a new adventure with my husband-to-be!


If you’d like to see the second half of this session CLICK HERE!! 




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Michael & Heather // a Rainy South Coast Botanical Garden engagement

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // South Coast Botanical Garden engagement
FROM THE BRIDE // Michael and I have been writing our story for many years, our first chapter began in High school and has grown beautifully over the years. We have a beautiful family, with our little girl being our light, always smiling, loving and amazing. With the beginnings of our family, it was clear that it was time to get engaged!
  Michael and I decided we needed little vacation time, so, just the two of us, we hopped in the car and headed up north Morro Bay. We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the water front, and enjoyed the coast in all its splendor! We visited the beautiful Hearst castle, watched the sea lions and their pups and strolled along the waters edge hand in hand, fully enjoying the time with one another. On our last night there we got dressed up a bit and went out to a lovely dinner, finished with a delicious desert and a late night walk. We stopped on a dock and enjoyed the fresh air and starlit night for a while, when it was time to head back to our room for the night,Michael grabbed by hand, got down on one knee and asked me marry him! And of course i said yes! We are ready to add another chapter to our wonderful story together!
 Its been excitement buzzing while we plan our wedding and enjoy the celebrations with our family and friends!

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // South Coast Botanical Garden engagement

Aaron's Proposal // Proposal Story short film

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography


With quivering legs underneath the table, Aaron sat across from Ellie’s dad, Boyd Wilson, the man who held the keys of yes and no in the palm of his hand. The time had come to ask the Gate Keeper for his daughter’s hand in marriage; and after handing Aaron the “yes-key” Aaron immediately unbolted the door of possibilities in thinking about how to ask Ellie to be his wife. From that day on the proposal planning commenced. Aaron combined Ellie’s love of San Francisco, her addiction to fortune cookies, and her desire to one day live in China into a proposal in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  After a scouting trip for their latest film in Northern California, Aaron and Winston drove to San Francisco to scope out locations for a day and a half, staying with two of their friends, Debbie and Andy Surman.

Once the location was locked, Aaron and Winston spoke with the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company and Aaron created a custom fortune cookie in Chinglish: “Today you will making a life changing decision.” The plan was simple. Aaron would pay for 1/2 now and 1/2 on the day of the proposal when he picked them up with Ellie. That way, it would be as unassuming as possible. After that, Aaron and Winston drove to Marind Headlands to scope out the actual proposal location and see how they’d want to film it. Winston helped plan out the best location for his brother, rented lenses, and made the proper planning preparations with Andrew, their other brother from another mother. After sneaking around by private-eying with Ellie’s incredibly awesome proposal-ready roommates, as well as her supportive you-can-use-these-diamonds-from-her-grandma-and-grandpa parents, Aaron was able to secure the perfect custom ring for Ellie: an Art Deco Marqis Cluster Diamond engagement ring.

Everything was in place for the perfect proposal for Ellie and on March 15th, 2014, Aaron asked Ellie to be his wife. Here’s the story:

THANK GOD FOR STUPID FOG.  It was glorious.

 She had no clue that I planned the proposal in San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, in the heart of Chinatown, stuffed with savory dumplings, deliciously warm shomei, and fresh,

crispy, fortune cookies, which I would never have known how to ask her unless some old Chinese man pointed us in the right direction, his quivering voice simply letting out, “Fortune cookie. This way.”

After fake-arguing about the overly priced pieces of sugary flowery Chinese crescent-shaped dough, I pulled the man card by seizing her hand and whisking her away to the breathtaking view of Marin headlands; this epic scenery of a place brimming with a Narnia of sentiments replete with nebulous blankets of mist creeping over the cinematic horizon, throngs of awe-struck men, women, and children, and my beautiful soon-to-be-fiance edging her way to the precipice, taking out her iphone, snapping 50,000 pictures with an I-can’t believe-how-beautiful-this-place-is-so-we-need-to-take-another-selfie attitude; an attitude that was forcing me to hunt for about “twenty (maybe fifty)” nets to imprison all the excited monarchs escaping from my insides because I had “other things” on my mind: my pumping heart, my sweaty palms, my racing eyes, darting this way and that, searching for Winston and

Andrew hiding out in the bushes with their cameras while Winston was blowing up my phone with text messages screaming, “The fog! We need to take the shot!” Crap.

Here we go…Once again, I arrested her hand as we hurtled down the hill and bounded over the railing, inching our way towards the now fog-covered mound in front of the resplendent San Francisco Bridge, a view I quickly released as my quivering hand clutched the elephantine box in my pocket:

The ring. Still there!

But the fog; this stupid I-can’t-see-jack-diddly-and-I-know-Winston-and- Andrew can’t-either fog (Winston more so because of his slanty eyes) is ruining everything! It’s now or never. So, standing there alone with Ellie on the solitary peninsula, I spun her around -this love of my life, soon-to-be-wife, confidant and supporter – and gazed into her gorgeous emerald eyes as my quivering lips finally uttered the words:

“This fog…(it’s ruining everything)…it’s…uh…. symbolic of you and me.”
Ellie: “What?”
Me: “Um…Yeah, it’s like you and me. Alone. Right now. In the fog.”
Ellie: “…”
Me: “…”
Ellie: “…”
Me: “…Let’s eat our fortune cookies.”

Quick-reading the tiny message, I pulled out the elephantine box from the depths of my $10 China jeans as my trembling right knee finally buckled, noodling to the ground, and once-for all mustered, “Ellie, will you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife?”

The rest, as they say, is “history.”