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Chris & Crystal // Los Angeles Fairytale engagement

Los Angeles fairytale engagement // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles fairytale engagement photographers

From the groom:  I never imagined that any of my teenage dreams would come true, let alone my dream of marrying my high school sweetheart. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she would be the one that would forever change my life. And, if I might add, she has changed my life for the better. For many years Crystal and I had dreamed about the idea of marriage. We planned about our future home with children and how we would grow old together. Unfortunately, in the midst of our dreams, we had news that would change our lives forever. When we heard the diagnosis that Crystal had breast cancer at such a young age, our dreams were put on hold to fight for her life. We battled and had an up and down fight, but Crystal finally won! After 8 years of loving my girl, through all the pain, and a hard fight with breast cancer, I knew it was finally time to take hold of our dreams of marriage and a family that we had put aside.

My plan to propose was simple, but stealthy. I contacted her aunt and asked if she would  take us out to a field and take photos. I posed to Crystal that her aunt just wanted to “try out her new camera.” But in reality, I wanted to have the moment when I get down on one knee and ask Crystal to be my wife.  The day we went out, it was a beautiful spring day with the flowers for miles. Now, I do want to mention that I had the whole event planned out, but none of the plan happened. Ten minutes into our “photo shoot” I couldn’t contain my composure as my nerves had been getting to me.  Before it was time, I dropped down to one knee and the question had come out, “Will you marry me?” To my surprise, she (and I) was absolutely shocked! She had no clue that I would pop the question! But without a beat, she answered, “Yes!”  My heart pumped at one million beats per minute and everything was blurred. I couldn’t come back to my senses and even put the ring on her finger. I would almost say I was in shock, but to more accurately put it, I was in complete awe. The day and my proposal could not have been more perfect. I can’t wait for the day to come, to give our vows before our family and friends and officially become Husband and Wife.

Little Jenna // Los Angeles newborn photography

Los Angeles newborn photography // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles newborn and family photographers

Throughout the pregnancy, we kept asking ourselves “Will the delivery go safely?  Will our child be healthy?  Are we doing everything right for our child?”  Pam was formerly a nurse in the NICU at UCLA, so she knew all of the scary stories that could possibly exist, hoping that our child wouldn’t fall victim to one.  During every prenatal doctor visit, we would hear news that everything looks fine and our response was always “are you sure?”  Looking back, we definitely might have been more paranoid than we needed to be, but it’s because we wanted so badly for God to grant us a child this time.  As we approached the 36 week mark, our doctor informed us that the baby’s growth had slowed down.  She was in the 19th percentile based on her size.  We were told that if the labor doesn’t happen by Thanksgiving, we would have to seriously consider inducing.  This certainly wasn’t something that we had planned, and caused us a bit of worry.  Our target due date was on Saturday after Thanksgiving and we though taking the baby out early might introduce risks of complications, but since all we wanted was a healthy baby by any means necessary, we opted to trust our doctors.
Thanksgiving came, and still no contractions, so we were quite certain we would check into the hospital later that night.  We spent most of the holiday with Pam’s family then checked into UCLA around 9pm, spending the rest of our Thanksgiving in the hospital.  The labor lasted 36 slow, tortuous hours.  Then, to our surprise, on Saturday morning, our target due date, the doctor told us that it was finally time.  At 10:05am, our little Jenna Audrey Baldivia was born.
We can’t thank the medical staff at UCLA enough for all of their hard work and support during our stay.  Because we were down the hall from Pam’s former unit, we had several of our friends come to visit while we were there.  We even had some familiar faces in the delivery room, which was a bit awkward at first but didn’t matter in the end.  We finally had our baby in our arms, ready to face the world as a family! Thank you Sun & Sparrow for sharing this blessed moment with us, as you did on our wedding day.  We’re so happy to have befriended you through this process and can’t wait to share many more milestones with you down the road.

David & Portia // Romantic Los Angeles engagement

Romantic Los Angeles engagement // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow wedding and engagement photographer

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.FROM THE GROOM // Not only is Portia beautiful, but also very clever. She is also my best friend who knows that I am not very good at keeping secrets. I knew my best chances at surprising her with the proposal was to ask her on a day she would least expect it: my birthday. I figured she would be too distracted planning for my birthday to notice any possible hints.

The day of my birthday, Portia had the entire evening planned for me. She picked me up from work so that we could immediately go out for a nice dinner and later meet up my friends at a bar in LA. Upon arriving to the bar, she seemed very suspicious and wondered why a lot of her friends and family with difficult schedules had made it.

It was time, and after one beer to calm my nerves, I asked Portia to take a picture of me and all my guests. As we began to gather for the photo, Portia’s closest friends and family and I lined up to the front. I was beginning to feel the adrenaline rush and felt my knees weaken.

Portia began counting — “1”. In my mind I could see what I was about to do, I was about to be the luckiest man alive! “2” — Then I began to doubt myself, wondering the possibility of her saying no. But at the same time, I thought to myself, if she says yes, we will all celebrate with drinks, but if she says no… good thing I’m at a bar already. “3” — Finally, all of Portia’s loved ones zipped down their sweaters to reveal the t-shirt message in large letters, “Portia Salazar will you marry me?”

As she put the camera down, I walked up to her with the ring in hand and got down on one knee and said, “Portia Salazar I have loved you from the moment I met you, will you marry me and let me love you for the rest of your life?” I was so nervous I couldn’t speak up and I had to repeat myself, but she said YES! I put the engagement ring on her and celebrated the rest of the night with our loves ones.

Portia and I are both excited to begin our lives together, travel, and start our own family.

Uriel & Malyssa // Southern California Coast engagement


Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.


 It really was just “meant to be.”  God had a plan for us to meet, no doubt about it.  In early 2013 I packed up my life in pursuit of a new adventure.  By summer I landed in the South Bay.  New friends led me to a new job at a kids program in Palos Verdes where Uriel and I met.  I joke about it all the time, how I remember the first moment we met and how the world stood still as he walked in slow motion toward me, but in all reality, I had a feeling in my heart that the ‘nice to meet you’ handshake would be significant in my life.

A couple of days after meeting I was already seeing stars, well just about.  I hear “heads up” and look up only to have a soccer ball slam into my head.  Uriel was trying to show one of the kids that he could kick a soccer ball into a basketball hoop.  He rushed over to make sure I was okay and certainly felt bad. I enjoyed making him squirm a bit before I assured him that I would be fine.

Not but a few weeks later as we discussed the LA Kings home opening game did I suggest we pick up some tickets and go.  And the rest is history, we were inseparable ever since.

We had been talking about getting married and what our wedding would be like for quite some time. Once we hit our two year anniversary it was clear that a wedding would be in the near future, we just weren’t sure when. I know our families were hoping for an engagement announcement as we spent the holidays together but I knew it wouldn’t be then.  Uriel does not like to do things like anyone else, he certainly would not want to be another holiday engagement.

One evening in late February Uriel planned a date-night surprise for us.  Like most surprises, he gets so excited about them and couldn’t wait to tell me.  So as we are driving he has me look up the awesome restaurant that has many vegan/vegetarian options. Excited about this great date we were going on, I pulled up the map to navigate our drive.  Uriel asked me to map us to the Grove because he wanted to stop there first.  Unsure of why we were going there, I obliged.  Once we passed the Grove and ended up at LACMA I realized he was up to something.  We stepped off the elevator and I about burst into tears because we were at the Urban Lights exhibit that I had been wanting to go to for months.  As we took pictures of the antique light posts, and several selfies a couple asked us to take their picture.  They returned the favor and before I knew it Uriel was down on one knee and asking me to marry him.  Of course I said “YES!!!” and hugged him so tight!

We did go on to our planned date to celebrate together.  I was happy to find out that the guy taking our picture actually took a video so I could watch the proposal any time I wanted.  We cannot wait to start our journey as husband and wife and feel so blessed that the Lord made our paths cross that day nearly 3 years ago.

Carlos & Laurie // Wedding at the Colony House

 Colony House wedding in Anaheim  // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Orange County & Anaheim wedding photographers

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.

FROM THE BRIDE // For those that know me, I’m not a girly girl. I’m a no make up, tshirt, jeans and sneakers girl. However I do have a design background and my husband (now!) is an engineer so with both of our powers combined, we create some pretty cool things. And so for our wedding, it was our very own DIY project. From the invitations to centerpieces, we wanted everything to be made by us because we wanted our family and friends to see that we did this for them. For Carlos and I, the wedding was never about us. The wedding was about our diverse families coming together. He had family coming from Guatemala and I had family coming from Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. And a lot of these families (from both sides) we very rarely see. So it was an amazing night to see all these people that very never get to see each other, come together in one room and have a good time. So all our design in the décor was meant to represent the love from our family and friends that have supported us through the years and also supported us together. Without them shaping us into the people we are, we would never have met and been so compatible. For future brides and grooms, remember that you’re not only marrying each other, you’re joining two different families together. And that, is a beautiful thing.

Coordinator: Kethia Harris
Caterer: 24 Carrots
DJ: Andrew Trego with
Officiant: Pastor Norman Alexander
Shoes: Ellie Wren on Etsy
Bouquet/Boutonnieres: Gypsy Farm Girl on Etsy
Hair/Makeup: Mindy Lee with E2beauty
Custom Ties: