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Michael & Judith // Laguna Beach family photographers

Mike and I wanted to do this session because we had one during our first pregnancy and thought we wanted to be fair with the 2nd child. Eventually, we wanted to showcase our life story from when we got engaged to the sequence of events that followed that (i.e, engagement, wedding, first maternity, 2nd maternity, then when kids are grown will have family pics, etc). We plan to have them all framed on our wall at home. I personally love taking photos and capturing our milestones as we have them. Its always nice to look at them esp when we get older and also to share with family and friends.Pictures paint a thousand words! So its like the best treasure we’ll ever have.

©2013 Sun & Sparrow Photography //  Laguna Beach family photographers

©2013 Sun & Sparrow Photography //  Laguna Beach family photographers  // Big thanks to Joyce Luck Style for the hair & makeup styling!