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Nathan & Pia // Natural inspired engagement in Los Angeles

Natural inspired engagement in Los Angeles // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Candid & Natural wedding photographers

::How We Met::
Nathan and I grew up at the same church. We’ve known “of” each other for over a decade, but did not officially meet until 2010!
It was not an instant attraction. We later found out that neither of us thought much of the other person, aside from the other person seeming nice.
We ended up serving together regularly during service days and on a leadership team. We realized that we had similar family trials and one day after packing food at a food center, Nathan dropped me off at home and decided he wanted to chat about our similarities in the cold, for THREE hours. Even then, we did not recognize any romantic connection, but we began to talk and hang out more frequently. This went on for about 7 months until he asked me to be his girlfriend.
::What We Love Most About Each Other::
Nathan: First and foremost, I love the heart that she has for Jesus Christ. Beyond her beauty, courage, love and support it is just that that I am in love with.
Pia: I love Nathan’s steadfastness. He is steadfast in his faith in Christ, his composure, and his servant heart. There are many times where I falter or am prone to reacting too quickly and Nathan’s steadfast nature challenges and motivates me.
::How He Proposed::
Nathan recognized my insane love for escape rooms and planned for many of our close friends to do an escape room with us. I knew something was up, when they were all there and no one told me they were going to be there. The item that would mark us “escaping” the room had a box of the same color hidden under it. It was dark and the box was black. One of my friends unknowingly got to it first and bypassed the need to solve the clue. One of his friends picked up the box! I was then instructed to get the box and open it, when I turned back around, Nathan was on one knee and inside was a lit up box that contained a ring. I LOVE how the whole night was full of tiny hiccups that we could laugh about. I said yes, of course, and then we celebrated with more friends and family at dinner.
::What We are Looking Forward to About Our Wedding the Most::
Nathan: It has been a long 7 years together full of ups and downs. Persevering together and trusting in our Lord has been hard but has kept us united. For all of this to culminate on our wedding day and to all that is in store is what I most look forward to. Celebrating and enjoying life, being married to my best friend will be amazing!
Pia: We have endured a lot of challenges, sadness, loss, and hurt on both sides of our families. What I most look forward to, because of those things, is coming together as one family to have a day of celebration. A time of laughing together, dancing, and enjoying one another’s company.

Matt & Sarah // Romantic Southern California Coast engagement

Romantic Southern California Coast engagement // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding photographer

FROM THE BRIDE // It was a Friday morning in February, and it was pouring rain. By some miracle I was working from home,  and I woke up to flowers and wrapped presents, which Matt said were my belated birthday gifts. He had apparently been planning this for a while, as he had alleged on my birthday the week before that all of my gifts had been backordered and would be arriving late.  Since we were both home, Matt suggested we celebrate my birthday by going to lunch, but I was on calls all morning, and admittedly not in the best mood. I kept trying to reschedule our lunch as Matt grew more impatient with me, finally handing me a half-packed duffle bag with clothes saying, “pack this, I have a surprise for you.” Luckily, my less than stellar mood kept me occupied as we drove past LAX to Terranea Resort is Palos Verdes. I genuinely thought this was some blown-out birthday surprise, and actually tried to convince him on our way to the hotel that we should turn around and go home! It never occurred to me that he was trying to propose. After a slight detour through the rain looking for the hotel lobby, we ended up on a beautiful balcony with champagne in hand. I thought nothing of it until I turned around and Matt was down on one knee. After spending the day and night at the resort, we came home the next day to celebrate with family and friends, and the weekend was perfect! We are so excited to get married, and can’t wait to spend another perfect weekend with everyone we love in April.

Racquel & Hilario // Palos Verdes rustic engagement

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

FROM THE GROOM //  The day had finally come. It was the perfect night. It was Tuesday, December 24, 2013 and our 11 year (YES 11 years!) anniversary had just passed the previous day. Everyday I’ve been always asking myself… “HEY! when are you going to propose!? it’s already been 11 years!!”  To a lot of people that’s just crazy how long we’ve been together and not married yet! Anyhow… the plan finally started.

Our best friend Meyann had a perfect plan to have a Birthday dinner for herself with just her boyfriend Jeremy, myself, and Racquel. It was perfect because it was at a restaurant where we had to dress fancy so I know Racquel will be ready for the camera with no worries how she looks. Racquel is the type where she wants the comfort of her own privacy and wants only minimal people there preferably our close friends. So I did just that. The proposal was decided to take place at the comfort of her own home with just her best friends and her mom. To think being with Racquel for 11 years and having been ready to propose to her for a long time, I thought I would be ready. But when this day came…. I’VE NEVER BEEN THIS NERVOUS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

We finally arrived in front of Racquel’s house. Jeremy and I were dressed and ready to go and the plan was for Meyann to get ready still at Racquel’s place so it will keep Racquel occupied while I find the perfect place to propose and while Jeremy prepared the camera to record. During this moment this is when I was totally freaking out and couldn’t believe it was happening! My hands were shaking and I couldn’t control it! Thanks to my best man Jeremy, he was able to cool me down and I was finally able to focus and keep my composure. I chose my perfect spot. I went down on my knees and waited patiently for her to come out from the hallway. Jeremy was in the opposite side of me ready to record once he hears the door open and when Meyann and Racquel walked down the hallway. The door opened and my heart began to race like never before. I closed my eyes and focused as I heard Meyann and Racquel walk down the hallway towards me and Jeremy. This is where it turned out perfect… Meyann appeared first and turned to the camera walking passed it. It was only natural for Racquel to follow her. So when Racquel finally turned and saw the camera first, she had the most confused face I’ve ever seen. It was great because this was caught in camera! Then finally as she turned around, she saw me on my knees and screamed in shock! The crying began..

It all happened so fast. I was sharing my words with her as I took her hand. Her 3 dogs came up to me and started licking my face! Her mom was cleaning around her as she noticed things were seen in camera! It was hilarious! I took out the ring and popped the question. Her answer: “NO DUH!!” The famous line that night from Racquel she said a million times… “MOM DID YOU KNOW!?!?” We couldn’t stop talking about this during our dinner that night. This day was day that will truly be remembered.

What I’m excited for the most is just finally being married to one I’ve loved for more than 11 years. This is a new chapter in my life where a new story begins. All the plans and ideas we’ve shared with each other over the years we finally get to do, until that day our little ones come into our lives. Knowing we get to spend and amazing day with all of our friends and loved ones who have been part of our lives since birth. All of this is so overwhelming. I’m just too excited. If I had to choose one word to express what I’m feeling right now. It would be…. FINALLY.



FROM THE BRIDE // I knew that he was going to propose, especially last year, it was just when and how. I’m the type that does not even like surprises at all, but Hilario got me good! It all started out when, my best friend, Meyann, had asked if we can go on a double date for her birthday at a really nice restaurant, and of course I agreed. It was December 24th, 2013, the day after our 11th year anniversary, we decided to go, however, that day, I was at jury duty and luckily, we got dismissed early. I went home to take a nap before getting ready for dinner. We were all going to meet at my house, so that my Meyann can also get ready at my house as well. When we were finishing up getting ready, we were all gathered in my house by the piano waiting for time to pass by until we had to leave. But before then, Meyann wanted to check out something in my room. At the same time, I was confused and was wondering what was going on. As soon as I was walking out of my room, I actually had turned to go to the kitchen, but I turned around, and Hilario was already down on his one knee. What I loved, about his proposal is that, he knew that I didn’t want anything fancy and also, I wanted him to do it front of my mom too. During the proposal, I was completely in shock! I was trying to comprehend what Hilario was telling me during the moment, but at the same time, I kept on yelling,” Mom, did you know?!” in my unattractive crying voice. With the help of my mom, Meyann, and our other best friend Jeremy, I couldn’t have asked for a marriage proposal that’s perfect, very intimate and comfortable, in my own home.

What I’m excited about our wedding is that, it is finally our time to get married. We had been dreaming and longing for this day, for such a long time. I’m looking forward of having our family and friends, being together and to celebrate love and that love does conquer all. But what I’m most looking forward to is that I am spending the rest of my life with my best friend and that I can finally call him my husband.


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers //  Palos Verdes rustic engagement



©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers //  Palos Verdes rustic engagement