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The Licari Family // Redondo Beach family and maternity photographer

Redondo Beach family and maternity photographer // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow maternity & newborn photography

We are so excited to welcome our second baby girl! Feeling all the emotions right now but most of all we feel blessed. We’re about to have two beautiful little girls in our life and it will be an honor and privilege to be their parents. Our two year old Juliana is very excited for the arrival of “baby sister”. She can’t wait to take care of her and play with her and we look forward to them being best friends. Counting down the days till our family becomes filled with even more love and happiness!

John & Amy // Boho Backyard wedding in Palos Verdes

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Boho Backyard wedding in Palos Verdes

how she did it

FROM THE BRIDE & GROOM // Our inspiration for our decor came from our love for color, texture, and nature. A little random but still put together. We drew some inspiration from our home as well, we wanted our guests to feel like they were in our house or backyard. We had a many memorable moments, but their are a few that really stood out. Having Amy’s grandparents there really made the experience for us, we had a few touching moments with them that we will never forget. Really just making our commitment public in front of our family and friends was memorable start to finish, there was never a lull or dull moment. We of course had some great vendors and none of them disappointed.
Photography was #1 our list as far budget and importance of solid vendor choice was concerned. We met with one other photographer, but after meeting with you we knew we were on the right track. We are frequent yelpers, so we usually trust a cross section of the reviews. After our first meeting, it was an easy decision. Our entire experience from planning photo times to the actual day itself was effortless. You made us feel comfortable which we know see is one of Sun & Sparrows best qualities. Of course it helps that our engagement photos came out better than we could have hoped. 🙂 Your work and expert eye is exactly what we were looking for in a photographer.
Our best advice to couples in the process now is to please please enjoy the planning process and do not let it control your life. Be flexible and try not to pay attention to the glitches along the way. Make confident choices on your vendors and let them do the rest.
We are writing this about 2,000 miles into our road trip honeymoon so our favorite part is being back to our normal lives of enjoying each others company. The wedding planning process can be stressful and time consuming, we had the best day ever, which took some hours to create.
Planning & Coordinating: www.EventsbyMandM.com  //  iDJ Entertainment www.idjentertainment.com //  Jason Swanson www.gigmasters.com (Search for Jason Swanson) Live Guitar //  Wildvase www.wildvase.com    //  Justine Carpio www.elementstudiosalon.com  //  Katie Hong Bella Studio www.solasalonstudios.com/stylist/katie_hong (Bridal Party Hair) //  Erin Marshall Phiz Makeup Studio www.solasalonstudios.com/stylist/erin_marshall  //  Billottis Catering www.billottiscatering.com

Nate & Michelle // Simple and Sweet Palos Verdes engagement

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Simple and Sweet Palos Verdes engagement

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerFROM THE BRIDE // Nathan and I met 4 years ago when my boss sent me to a two-day intensive screen printing trade class.  I was grumpy that I had to drive in rush hour traffic to DTLA at 6:45 am, so I put on no makeup and some frumpy/comfy clothes and made my way out there.  Little did I know that this crazy handsome man was going to walk in and introduce himself as our teacher.

I’M REALLY SHY. So needless to say I spent the next two days taking copious notes in order to avoid making eye contact with him.  But somehow he managed to convince me to come out for a beer to talk about business and the rest is history.
Years later, in early December my mom accidentally(purposely) let slip that Nathan had called my dad to arrange to take them out to a special dinner.  She ran up to me and whispered(screamed) “Nathan just called Dad to ask us out to dinner!!!!!!!” My response was “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ME THAT!!” to which she replied “Oh you didn’t want to know…?” My mom is unintentionally one of the funniest people ever. Hahahaha.
So I waited… and wondered… when would this happen? Christmas? New Years? My Birthday?
On Christmas Morning 2014, while I was opening the presents he had gotten me (I now know this was to throw me off the scent), he got down quietly behind me on one knee with our dog Piper tucked under one arm and asked me to get up and turn around.  At this point I thought there was no way he was asking me the marry him because I’d just unwrapped an industrial panini press and a new electric toothbrush! But there he was asking me to be his best friend and partner in crime for life.
Our favorite place: home, the apple of our eye: Piper.  Quiet and private.  Just the way I had always dreamed it would be.  Thank you for knowing me to the fullest, babe.

Daniel & Ellen // Rustic Palos Verdes Engagement

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography //  Rustic Palos Verdes Engagement 

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerFROM THE BRIDE // 
In 2010, Daniel (a 3rd year) and Ellen (a 1st year) met at a pharmacy fraternity meet & greet. While getting to know each other, Daniel tried to impress Ellen by cooking for her in the dorms; Ellen gave Daniel a “high-five” as a thank you, but she unknowingly confused him. She thought maybe a hug was too forward so early in their relationship, but Daniel thought the “high-five” meant friend-zoned. Eventually Daniel started to understand Ellen’s awkwardness, and after several “study sessions” (basically Ellen studying and Daniel playing video games), they made it official.
During pharmacy school in Chicago, Daniel and Ellen enjoyed a lot of great food, sight-seeing, randomness (such as creating Build-A-Bears of each other), and cooking together. Though they met in Chicago, luckily both were from Southern California, even if it meant they had to continue their relationship long-distance after Daniel graduated. Through a lot of patience and hard work, they are blessed to both be working in West Los Angeles now.
So how did they get engaged?? Well, Daniel had plans to propose to Ellen while celebrating their 4-year anniversary. Using a delicious steak dinner at Maestro as a cover, they started the day off with a picnic lunch on the beach. (The cover worked in terms of Ellen wearing a dress and Daniel wearing a blazer to the beach.) After walking around, Ellen noticed decorations set up along a deck. “How perfect!” she thought as the week had been full of downpour and gloomy weather. Looking more closely, Ellen noticed roses, greeting cards, and letters spelling out E-L-L-E-N hanging from terrariums. It took some hints from Daniel (such as “open the card, it’s for you”) for Ellen to realize it was for her and not another Ellen. After reading the cards and remembering their story through pictures, Daniel sang the song that he had written for her. Ellen had been asking for a song for 4 years; she thinks it was definitely worth the wait! By the way, did you know the beach was Crystal Cove, about 5 minutes from the wedding venue, [seven-degrees]!

FROM THE GROOM // I had started to plan for the proposal about two months prior to the actual date. I wanted it to coincide with our four year anniversary so Ellen would not suspect anything. I made sure to first visit her parents as well as her brother to seek approval prior to proposing. With their blessing, I started devising what I wanted to do. I wanted something that would be meaningful and would have special significance only to us. I found a location in Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach that was overlooking the ocean and had very little foot traffic that could distract from the moment. I designed the area with five stations with little things in them that represented us. Each station had a greeting card (Ellen particularly loves greeting cards and she is one of the few people who actually keeps ALL the greeting cards that she receives), a rose, letters spelling out her name, as well as banana grams spelling out “Will you marry me Ellen?” (We started getting into board games more). In between each station, I placed pictures of the both of us of the various dates and activities that we had done for the past 4 years together. When we got to the end, I sang her a song that I had written for her (Ellen had always wanted me to write a song for her, and I felt that this was the perfect time to write it for her). I played guitar and sang the song for her and then went down on one knee to propose to her. She said yes and the rest is history!

Ryan & Christine // Rustic Palos Verdes Engagement

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // Rustic Palos Verdes Engagement 

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerFROM THE BRIDE // Ryan and I had always been in close proximity with each other, but never knew. Before we even met, we were neighbors and had several mutual friends, but had yet to have been introduced to one another!  We both we went along our merry lives graduating high school and attending college. We each had wonderful lives, but we knew something was missing. After graduating from El Segundo High School, Ryan attended ETI Trade School.  I graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills College. One day, while at a mutual friend’s barbecue, we randomly ended up on the same beer pong team.  It was love at first sight. After we met, we’ve never left each other’s side.  Since that fun barbecue, it’s been six and half years. We love each other so much and have found our life-long partnership. Ryan decided to propose this past Christmas, the absolute best time of the year.  This past December,  just before picking up our Christmas tree, Ryan popped the question.

It’s was very simple and sweet very much Ryan I got up super early to get ready to go get a Christmas tree so we could get the best tree.  As I was doing my make up he got my attention by getting down on one knee and proposing to me.  I couldn’t have been more elated. I screamed with a resounding “YES!”  He had made an appointment with the jeweler that his family uses and we went and picked out the ring together later that day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better it was great getting to pick the ring out we both loved.  So many years have passed by, but I know that I’m with the most amazing man. I’ve found my love and now that we are getting married, we can’t wait to start our lives together as man and wife!

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // Rustic Palos Verdes Engagement