Ryan & Sara // Engagement at Griffith Park in Los Angeles

©2015 Sun & Sparrow //  Engagement at Griffith Park in Los Angeles

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerFROM THE BRIDE // Ryan met me in Orlando, Florida.  One night I was introduced to this very handsome man through my best friend and Ryan’s co-worker. We hit it off and chatted all night. That led to a few dates where I knew we had connected beyond just hanging out. I had felt bit of pixie dust fall on us and something encouraged Ryan to ask me out more and more often. I would describe our love as an enchanted romance that followed.
Flash forward through three and a half years, through all the whimsy of our relationship. Throw in two next-door townhouses, a rascally dog named Puck the Pug, and a cross-country move to California, Ryan knew it was time to make his next move. He surprised me by whisking me off to Santa Barbara for a romantic weekend. After a beautiful dinner and a walk on the beach, he settled us down on a blanket with one of our favorite movies on his iPad. Just as it got to our favorite scene, he paused and said he’d be right back. He came back to the blanket with a large copy of a book from our favorite Disney movie UP. It was an  ‘Our Adventure Book’ and it was absolutely perfect. As I flipped through the pages of memories from the past years together, I came upon the words ‘Will You Marry Me? Check Yes or No”. My eyes filled with tears as I removed a sparkly ring that had been sewn into the page. Of course I said, “YES!!” I am  incredibly excited to celebrate our upcoming October wedding with the most romantic fiancé ever. AND I can not wait for him to become my husband!