Rick & Kendall // Vintage inspired wedding at the French Estate in Orange

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // Vintage inspired wedding at the French Estate in Orange

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WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE YOUR BEAUTIFUL DECOR? // Bride: Rick proposed to me at the top of a Ferris wheel, which inspired the carnival elements of our day. I’ve always adored all things pastel and vintage, and from there our Vintage Carnival theme and decor was born! We aren’t a couple who typically dances, but we can never resist the temptation of carnival games, so we opted to have a variety of old fashioned wooden games to play instead. In lieu of a sit down meal, we had a variety of carnival-esque food stations; from cotton candy to popcorn to jalapeño poppers to a Filipino food truck to caramel apples!

We chose to place chairs and vintage benches around old trunks to form little lounges for our guests to rest and mingle between games, rather than assigned seating, simply because we felt a more relaxed setting would better reflect our personalities. The chiffon draping from the ceremony space as well as the gathering of fabric to mimic a maypole over our grand entrance space were inspired by the feel of an old fashioned carnival- vibrant and light! We wanted our day to be full of color, but still romantic and elegant, and so we endeavored to create a ton of DIY- the fabric bunting, grand entrance backdrop, tree ‘guest book’ painting, purple chalkboard signs, hand painted invitations, and the personalized mason jar glasses that doubled as favors. While making them was challenging, it was such a labor of love.

I wanted our wedding day to have a laid back, romantic and lighthearted feel, and I think our decor went a long way to create those undertones. I am an extremely detail oriented person, and I loved watching all the projects and options we selected come together to create such a rich, soft and charming space to celebrate our marriage.


WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE MOMENT ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY?  //  Bride: Our first look! One of the few wedding traditions we kept was spending the night before our wedding apart. He had never seen my dress either, so I was pretty nervous about his reaction.   He stood outside, closed his eyes and held his hand out as I walked to him. Before I even grabbed hold, there were tears in his eyes. When he looked at me, his face was so full of love and raw joy! In our five-year relationship, I have literally seen him cry ONCE so it was very special. I knew that the meaning of the day, and seeing me all done up as his bride, affected him deeply which was incredibly rewarding. Our ceremony was also incredibly meaningful. We wrote our own vows, did a pagan hand-fasting, as well as a roses ceremony to honor the incredible women in each of our respective matriarchies. We were both crying tears of joy during our first kiss as a married couple- I felt my sobs shaking my body against his and I felt so complete.

Groom: Our first look was amazing but our ceremony was more meaningful. My favorite memory would have to be the whole ceremony. I was so happy looking out at everyone who was present for our wedding. I’m so thankful- everyone was so helpful and did an awesome job with everything we asked of them- which was A LOT! It just all came together and looked amazing for our ceremony.

It was particularly special to me to watch everyone come down the aisle. That’s when I realized that each and every person in our wedding party put so much effort into our wedding and the day wouldn’t have been nearly as great without them. Watching everyone come down the aisle was kind of funny because everyone has his or her own walk which really made me smile. Our best man, Gabriel, had his swagger and my cousin, Clint, had his swag but also nerves showing in his walk. One of our bridesmaids, Bianca, walked with her pretty innocent glide and Cassidy had her amazing smile. Then, our Best Lady, Natasha’s, soft smile, that for some reason just gives me this calm, collected, confident vibe that brings me back into focus. And, then there’s Emily; she is just amazing. I’m so thankful for making me feel so welcomed into the family, and that I’m so glad she’s my cousin. Then, seeing Cousin Sydney as one of our flower girls, walking down with the roses. She did awesome! Her giant smile is priceless.  Then, Kendall came down the aisle. Her brothers, Baron and Brennan, walked her but I was in total tunnel vision and all I could see or think about was her; her beauty, her brains, her toughness, her affectionate nature. I was thinking, “This is it. I’ve found the woman I’m going to be with for the rest of my life. My best friend. We are making it official- husband and wife! The best day of my life has came and no more waiting. No more planning for this day. It is finally happening.”

Gosh, I was such a cry baby- tears all over the place. I couldn’t help it! I continued to cry tears of happiness and struggled to breathe. I couldn’t have asked for anyone more perfect for me than Kendall.


WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW?  //  Bride: The wedding is only one day, and so it was vital to us to have excellent photographs to remember and reflect upon the day throughout our marriage. We had Tiffani take our engagement photos and knew we would have to have Sun and Sparrow for our wedding day as well! Tiffani, Ellie and Dani were so full of positivity, support and creativity on our wedding day, which made me feel one thousand perfect validated that we picked Sun and Sparrow. In addition to being fantastic people, the Sun and Sparrow team was super responsive throughout the planning process and their images are spectacular! How could anyone NOT choose Sun and Sparrow?


DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS?  //  Bride: The biggest price of advice I would give to couples planning a wedding would be to focus on what is important to you. Do you love food, or music, or dancing, or flowers, or polka dots, or Star Wars, or fast cars? Then live it up at your wedding! Celebrate what you, as a couple, love! To me, while everyone has their own version of an ideal wedding, the only things that are REQUIRED are two people who want to get married and, legally, two witnesses. That’s it! Everything else is optional! You can choose to do everything that is traditional in dominant American culture, or you can choose to do none of it. Both choices are equally valid, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Also, turning my phone off and directing all day of questions to be filtered through members of our fabulous wedding party greatly helped manage my (naturally high) levels of stress on the wedding day itself.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING MARRIED NOW?  //  Bride: While I am still getting used to the word ‘husband’ (my mouth hasn’t quite adjusted after 3 years and 3 months of saying ‘fiancé’), I do love being married. Wedding planning for me, personally, was both incredibly stressful and rewarding…. I am so glad it is over with! I am a BIG planner- I love schedules and predictability, whether I’m planning a meal or a trip or talking points for a discussion. It is so nice to be able to refocus my efforts from wedding planning and onto creating a happy and loving marriage.

I love thinking about having my husband present for my graduation, adopting our children, and living our lives side by side. I think the best part of being married is the stability; having Rick to come home to after a long day of working with children, classes, mentoring, supervising and facilitating discussion, is incredibly comforting. To know that he will be there for all the changes our lives will see in the years to come is the very best part.

Groom: My favorite part would have to thinking about be our future together. Knowing we have each other helps with getting through whatever life might throw at us down the road. I feel that it’s just going to get better and better with time. She makes me a better person everyday. I feel my life itself is complete with her by my side; everything else is just additional.


©2015 Sun & Sparrow // Vintage inspired wedding at the French Estate in Orange

VENDORS // Venue: The French Estate- // Photographers: Sun & Sparrow // Photo Booth: Julius Estanislao, No ka ‘oi Photobooth // Catering: Kim Reed, Spoon Caterers // Florist and Event Design: Adrienne Moore, The Bloom of Time //  Hair and Makeup: Melissa Caulfield  //  Food Truck: White Rabbit  // Officiant: Sasha Kuczynski  //  Game Rentals: Party Pals  //  Vintage Rentals:  // Wedding Gown: Bonny  // Suit:  //  Veil and Hair Piece:  //  Bride and Maids Robes: MorningParisBoutique  //  Personalized Tote Bags: PersonalizedGiftsbyJ  // Cupcake Wrappers: ArcadiaWeddingDesign  //  Ring Warming Dish:  SayYourPiece   //  Cake Topper: RusticBeachChic  //  Groomsmen Suspenders  // Groomsmen ties