Nate & Michelle // Simple and Sweet Palos Verdes engagement

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Simple and Sweet Palos Verdes engagement

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerFROM THE BRIDE // Nathan and I met 4 years ago when my boss sent me to a two-day intensive screen printing trade class.  I was grumpy that I had to drive in rush hour traffic to DTLA at 6:45 am, so I put on no makeup and some frumpy/comfy clothes and made my way out there.  Little did I know that this crazy handsome man was going to walk in and introduce himself as our teacher.

I’M REALLY SHY. So needless to say I spent the next two days taking copious notes in order to avoid making eye contact with him.  But somehow he managed to convince me to come out for a beer to talk about business and the rest is history.
Years later, in early December my mom accidentally(purposely) let slip that Nathan had called my dad to arrange to take them out to a special dinner.  She ran up to me and whispered(screamed) “Nathan just called Dad to ask us out to dinner!!!!!!!” My response was “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ME THAT!!” to which she replied “Oh you didn’t want to know…?” My mom is unintentionally one of the funniest people ever. Hahahaha.
So I waited… and wondered… when would this happen? Christmas? New Years? My Birthday?
On Christmas Morning 2014, while I was opening the presents he had gotten me (I now know this was to throw me off the scent), he got down quietly behind me on one knee with our dog Piper tucked under one arm and asked me to get up and turn around.  At this point I thought there was no way he was asking me the marry him because I’d just unwrapped an industrial panini press and a new electric toothbrush! But there he was asking me to be his best friend and partner in crime for life.
Our favorite place: home, the apple of our eye: Piper.  Quiet and private.  Just the way I had always dreamed it would be.  Thank you for knowing me to the fullest, babe.