John & Earlene // Romantic engagement session

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.FROM THE BRIDE // John and I had been together for about 10 years when he proposed.  We loved each other, there was no doubt but we were so wrapped up in things outside of our love that time was passing us by and before we knew it, 10 years had gone.  We talked about getting married but as life goes up, it can go down in an instant- which it did for me.  John was very patient as I tried to sort through one of life’s distressing adventures. His calming nature and patience are those qualities I love so dearly about him which is why his proposal took me by complete surprise…  On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, John wanted to go to Disneyland.  As annual pass holders, I was like- why not?! I wanted a funnel cake anyway. We entered the park and he was heading over to the Sleeping Beauty castle. He said he wanted to take pictures. Well I was against it and started acting like a small child throwing a tantrum and with my arms crossed I said “I don’t want to go to the castle…let’s go get funnel cake!”

However, he’s not turning back to look at me and keeps on walking in the direction of the castle. I’m literally dragging my feet and I say to John “stop being a tourist, we’ve been here 20 million times already. Seriously! How many pictures do you need of the castle? I want funnel cake, please?!”

Those that know me know how stubborn I can be especially when I want dessert… or food lol.  Reluctantly, as I’m taking my sweet ol’ time, arms crossed on my chest, getting to the castle- he’s just standing there waiting. I say “well, did you get your picture…” he then turns around and gets on one knee and says, “…Earlene will you marry me” My tears started flowing before I realized it and shakenly said yes…OMG, who would’ve thunk (not a typo J)!  Talk about a dream come true! What a loving and unexpected surprise. My baby got me good!

Yes, I felt guilty for being a pain in the butt on our way to the castle but I was in heaven all day long. I felt like I was floating on air even after we finally shared a funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, strawberries and ice cream.

He later tells me that he was sure I would figure it out. John was surprised that I didn’t and for once was happy that I was upset with him.  He said he remembered that I had mentioned some time ago that it would be beautifully enchanting to be proposed to in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle.  He made (and still makes) me feel like a princess and he is my Prince Charming…

Disneyland…where dreams come true!