John-Anthony & Remy // The Sepulveda House engagement

how-he-asked-torrance-wedding-photography1©2015 Sun & Sparrow // The Sepulveda House engagement

 FROM THE BRIDE //   ” The story really all started on October 17th of last year when Anthony and I set off for our adventure in the Big Easy. It had been about a year in the making and after hearing all the good things about NOLA we were SO excited! We were looking forward to a change of scenery and exploring the fun city. We were happy to have met my beautiful cousin Morgan for a portion of the trip along with a few folks from back east and Canada. It was a fantastic group and we all got along so well. We had such a blast!

    About four days in on a Tuesday evening, much like the nights prior, Anthony and I were on our way to meet Morgan and a few others from the group. We had plans to see a show with one of our new friends and later meet up with the others for some drinks. Along the way we took a little detour. Exploring the area near us, we decided to check out the Riverwalk which sits on the bank of the gorgeous Mississippi River. It was lovely.  It was then, as we were taking it all in,  just the two of us, that Anthony suprised me with a proposal. He made an awesome video/ slideshow for me that he showed on his phone and he said some really special words that I won’t forget. And yes, he did also get on a knee as he asked me to marry him, although, I’d have to say it wasn’t for long. It wasn’t long after that I said “yes, of course!” Everything about that night was absolutely perfect. There’s not much more I can say about it.

    Overall, our trip was just fantastic, every bit of it. I know if we could do it all over again, we would and in a heartbeat!! New Orleans definitely lived up to it’s name. It’s magical. That place, that moment, those people, that food, the music, the art…. it’s all there. It lives with us now as a memory, one that I know Anthony and I will treasure forever.

And now we’re looking forward to our wedding this fall and all the exciting things that are in store for us after. We can’t wait to celebrate the start of this new adventure with our friends and family!