The Feeny family grows // Palos Verdes Maternity Photographer

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FROM THE MOMMY-TO-BE // I’ve thought about my pregnancy journey a lot lately, but this is the first time I’m actually writing it out ….and I’m really happy to do this actually. Sometimes over the years we forget certain things/feelings and its always nice to have a written story to go along with beautiful photos to remind us of God’s goodness.

“I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful and joyous girl, 9 years ago. “Our plans” were to have our second about 3 years later, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I had a very difficult delivery with my first and quite honestly it took me awhile to get comfortable with the idea of becoming pregnant again. On top of that add a busy life. So our three year plan soon became five years and then seven years. It was then that we began considering the idea of trying again. We knew we wanted to grow our family and stayed hopeful our little girl would one day have a sibling. So, we began trying to conceive late 2013. Unlike my first, which happened within two months of trying , this time it took almost one year.

Due to my age and some uterine issues I was having, I knew it could take us a while- but we tried to remain hopeful. Some months were harder than others. Through that year of waiting, my faith was strengthened. I had two choices, worry my heart out and allow my emotions to control me or trust Gods plan and timing  (whether His plans included  growing our family or not.) I chose the latter.  I began focusing on all he had already blessed us with and just enjoy the beauty in the midst of waiting.  sometimes its in the waiting that we learn some valuable things. Thankfully, at the end of last year our waiting finally came to an end.

Other than a little scare at he beginning, this pregnancy has been wonderful . Ive been blessed to have very minimal discomforts this time around. It has strengthened our marriage in so many ways  and we’ve bonded as a family even more. My daughter is anxiously awaiting to meet her baby brother. and teach him all the cool things she knows. . We can’t wait to hold our baby boy, look into his precious eyes, and tell him how much we adore him. Its been quite some time since we’ve had a newborn at home- it shall be interesting and fun .I’m sure it will all come back to us that first night home 🙂  I also look forward to seeing my daughter be an amazing big sister and my husband with his little boy. I have so  many moments of sheer joy and gratitude because truly, His plans and timing are perfect. “