Brian & Christine // Fine Art Engagement in Little Tokyo

Fine Art Engagement in Little Tokyo // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles Wedding Photographers


FROM THE BRIDE // Brian did an amazing job with his proposal. With a help of a couple friends, we was able to decorate our home into 3 stages of our relationship. When I came home from work, he was dressed in a suit waiting for me in front of our garage. I was a little surprised to see him waiting for me, but I was excited for his surprise.  He opened a fully decorated garage door to reveal lights, old photos, and ticket stubs from all of the festivals and club events we had attended (including our first date!!). We walked through the memories of our relationship, reminiscing all the beautiful moments of our relationship. He explained how he fell in love with me while we partied and bonded over music. He loved how we had so much fun together and had become so close as friends.
He then took me to our backyard. I didn’t think that anything could be more beautiful than his beautiful thoughtfulness of our garage, but I was sorely mistaken. Our yard was fully decorated with more photos and pretty lights to show off all of the dates we’ve had together. I loved seeing all of the photos of us eating out, going to the beach, going to SF, and us building our friendship and relationship. He reminded me of how we fell deeper in love, every single date, with every single adventure.
He led me into our living room. Our dining table decorated ‘Game of Thrones’ style (because that’s my favorite show). I loved how he had even placed photos of our house being built and our first days living together. At this point I was crying so hard, I don’t know what he said.
Finally, he took me to his car, blindfolded me and drove to our neighborhood park. He had decorated the park with a line of candles forming into a big heart. He lead me to the middle of the heart and took off my blindfold and proposed. As he proposed, all of our friends and family were gathered there to see it. And then I said, “yes!!!” What a wonderful moment, from a wonderful man, who I know loves me. I can’t wait to be this guy’s wife!!