Baby Marigold // Los Angeles newborn photographer

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FROM MARIGOLD’S MOMMY // Pregnancy was not an enjoyable experience for me. I didn’t have any significant health problems, just many of the common symptoms and ailments that come with being pregnant: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, trouble sleeping, sweating, and a few others that are not polite to mention. I was hoping to try for an unmedicated, natural birth (with full awareness that I would likely end up with an epidural since I’m really bad with pain), but things did not turn out as planned. Our little girl decided to camp out in a breech position for the entire 3rd trimester. My doctor informed me that I would be scheduled for a c-section if she didn’t flip head-down, so I went to work trying out every possible option for flipping breech babies. I tried standing on my head, hip raises, prenatal yoga, prenatal chiropractor, peppermint oil, hypnosis, and finally an external cephalic version that left me with bruises. Eventually I had to accept that I would be getting a c-section. There were tears and mourning as I grieved the birth I had planned, but eventually I started to see the positives of the procedure, the most important one being that my baby would be born healthy.  We got to pick the day (sort of, the 12th was our first choice since both my husband and I were born on the 12th of our birth months, but that was a Sunday and they don’t schedule c-sections on Sundays) so we chose the 14th since we were married on October 14th.  We did get family waiting in anticipation in the waiting room since the procedure got pushed back 2 hours. I took a nice nap while waiting for the lab to process my blood work, and I was so happy to have that little break to just relax and feel comfortable before starting surgery. They had me walk to the OR to get the spinal while my husband waited outside for what he says felt like an hour (it was 10-15 minutes).  They put up a sheet and the kind anesthesiologist let me know, in brief, what to expect as the doctors went to work. My husband came in and kept telling me how everything was going to to be ok. A few minutes later they said “she’s out!” and lifted a messy purple baby over the sheet for just a second. Then she cried. Then I cried. Then my husband didn’t know what to do as they cleaned her up on the warmer and he was at my side. “Go get her!” I said to him, so he went and the nurses said he could take pictures, and then they put her in his arms. He beamed. Then the nurses brought her to me and put her on my chest so I could hold her. It’s hard to describe all the feelings and thoughts that were going through my mind at that moment. We were moved to the recovery room and went to work on nursing and naming. Marigold won out, mostly because staring at those tiny chubby cheeks the phrase “Goldie Lott, she’s just right!” seemed to fit.  I wouldn’t have her any other way.