Baby Bethel Mika // a cherished little sparrow


FROM THE AUTHOR, TIFFANI OF SUN & SPARROW // Growing up, I had always wanted to be a mom. I have always loved the thought of children in our home including the tears and the scraped knees, the joys and the laughter. When Dan and I were married we dreamed about starting a family so that we can bring up our children in love and in Christ. We took our time to dream, though. We were married for over five years before we could even think about having children of our own. And over those five years Sun & Sparrow became. Looking back over these past few years, Sun & Sparrow had become my baby. Ellie and I worked diligently to grow a humble photography business into something that we had never dreamed it could be. Sun & Sparrow is a thriving business, filled with smiles and weddings and so many special moments. I knew that if I wanted to make all of my dreams of children and of having a thriving business work, I would have to work even harder to make them all happen. Over this past year I worked through my pregnancy (pretty much until the very end… literally 2 days before delivery). Slowing down is not my strength at all. In fact, even when I couldn’t move very well because of my big belly, I still tried to clean and remodel our new home. The day before Bethel came, I really felt like I needed to stop. This was a humbling feeling, because I didn’t want to slow down with all the things that still needed to be finished. I wanted to keep on going and keep my momentum in working on my business and on our new home that was being remodeled. But Bethel still wanted to come and she knocked me to my knees.

For our birth, Dan and I had decided to have an all natural birth (as much as we possibly could have.) On November 30, I labored at our condo for around 20 hours. Being at our condo was very special to me because I knew that was the last evening that Dan and I would stay there. After that evening, we officially moved out into our new place. It was such a significant moment of transition from one chapter in our lives into another.  My early labor wasn’t horrible at all, but as labor typically does, it kept coming stronger and stronger. There was a point where Dan decided for me that I should head to the hospital. So, we made our way to Saint John’s in Santa Monica, knowing our lives would change from two to three. When we arrived, things progressed very quickly. Bethel had been in the belly for long enough and she was ready. Once I was at the hospital, I progressed very quickly and our little Bethel was born on December 1 at 1:31am. This little child was so amazing! I remember experiencing her come out and having her placed onto my belly. She was absolutely perfect! Even though she was perfect and her delivery went well, there were many complications for me. I had torn in the birth process and lost a lot of blood. Because of this I was taken to the operating room and had many many stitches. Recovery has been difficult, to say the least. We stayed in the hospital for 3 days recovering and came home with a beautiful little sparrow.

Bethel Mika is a miracle baby. She should have had so many complications with her birth, she should have /could have been sick from my working so hard, from being in the belly for too long, for so many reasons. She would have had so many complications if I had chosen anything but a natural childbirth. This little baby was and is absolutely perfect. She is everything that I have hoped for, for all the years of dreaming to be a mother. She is a content and snuggly baby. I can’t wait to watch her grow into a little young lady. I can’t wait for Sun & Sparrow to grow with her as well. I hope that my 2015 is filled with new experiences, new ways to balance my family and my business. I can’t wait to get to know this little one.

She is my cherished sparrow.

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Thank you Danielle Henry for styling this amazing session and helping take some amazing photos of me and my daughter!