Allison Senior Portraits | Manhattan Beach Photography

Its rare when we get to shoot senior sessions, but when they come around, its a BLAST!

This session was nothing short of giggles and happiness. Allison obviously had a TON of fun, and I can’t lie… I enjoyed every moment about it.  I have had the opportunity of knowing Allison for a very short time now (though I feel I should have met her so long ago since she’s the youth pastor’s Daughter at my church!!) but her love for life showed right away. There is something really neat about this girl. She’s just so easy-going and care-free, that its hard not to just feel a sense of peace around her. I hope that SO many more people have the chance to get to know this lady.. just because its so easy to be around her. I hope many can experience the joy that I had the opportunity to see on this lovely day in February.