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//   Hey! Lets just get straight into the nitty gritty. Photo & video is an important part of life! Why? Because special moments in life should be documented and shared.  You all have cameras at your fingertips, clicking here and there on phones… instagraming, pinterest-ing, and facebook-ing. These are part of capturing candid life moments, creating your story. Luckily, we love it all!  However, we do believe that professional photography is so much more than that. When it comes to the special & the life-changing moments, that’s when you call in the professionals. Every Sun & Sparrow photographer is constantly working to challenge themselves to find inspiration and to see things  creatively. We consider every image and every location to be new, exciting, and challenging. We especially endeavor to share every client’s voice with a unique story.

Creativity doesn’t stop when the wedding/lifestyle session is over. When all the photos have been taken, we believe that editing is just as important as the actual picture taking! How important is it to you that you love every single frame? From editing a single artistic still or an entire film, an edited image can show off the beauty of a moment much more effectively than just a download and deliver. We truly want to make your experience spectacular. Too many times we have seen professional photographers not check their work and slap un-edited images onto a plain disc and say, “See ya!”  That is unacceptable! Sun & Sparrow knows that most of our clients are high-end Los Angelians with a hipster mind-set! To say the least, this is why we love you all. But this is also why we know how important quality is to you. From your initial consultation to the album and discs in hand, we want your experience to be beautiful, meaningful, fabulous!   //  Give us a call and let’s make it happen.

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Kyle & Molly DIY wedding in Palm Springs

The Photo Duo // Sisters in action! Ellie & Tiffani

We are Sun & Sparrow! Ellie & I started our family-owned photography company because we love the natural beauty in people. Since our beginnings in 2009, we have grown so much as photographers, business owners, and as people. There are so many things that we could say that would make US stand out and sound cool; but honestly, we want our clients to shine. We truly care about who you are as people, families, and lovers.  We strive to be creative, artistic, and photojournalistic with photography & encourage our whole team to take on this mind-set.


Los Angeles is our home-town, but we LOOOVE Santa Barbara, San Diego, Santa Cruz & anything in between.  We will totally travel. Being rustic vintage wedding photographer in Los Angeles has opened our horizons to be uniquely creative. Our specialties are weddings, engagements, and lifestyle photography. AND we absolutely love Rustic Vintage wedding photography!! Since we are lifestyle photographers, we are able to truly tell the story of who you are, right now. Sometimes that looks very natural and clean, but sometimes that looks dramatic and styled!  We love it all and we will help you get there!


The Film Masters  //   Twin production geek extraordinaires, Aaron & Winston   

Videography is an integral part of personal story telling. It is important to truly capture your silliness, your sweetness, and your love, however you might show it. We believe each film should begin at an intimately special moment then branch out to tell the fullness of your amazing love story.  Take a look at our Signature Short films. We hope you love them!

Aaron & Winston,  have successfully run a film production company for over 4 years. Originally from Orange County, CA, Winston and Aaron have an amazing talent for story telling through cinematography. The twin brother started their film careers by, first, stepping in front of the camera to act. Realizing they had the potential to write and create their own stories, both decided to pursue Media Arts degrees. Winston attended Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Aaron pursued his Masters in Media Arts and Communications from Dallas Theological Seminary. Both Winston & Aaron aspire to make feature films and are currently writing their first feature-length screenplay together. By combining their gifts, talents, hearts, and passions, they endeavor to positively impact everyone they come in contact with.

In the midst of their big aspirations to make feature films, they love the intimacy of filming weddings. The candidness of real-life emotions tells a different story because every wedding and every client has a unique love to experience. In that emotion, they are able to integrate their photojournalism through cinematic artistry. Their stealthy photography style keeps them in the shadows while maintaining the ability to capture amazing moments as if you (the viewer) were there. Brilliantly silly and gigantically humble, the Winston & Aaron are film risk-takers at heart. The quality of their artistry stands apart from many other videography companies, because they work diligently to listen and tell each client’s story. If you are looking for honest and down to earth people to film your special day, these two are a necessity for your wedding!